• A low voltage condition on the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) circuit detected

Possible Symptoms:

  • The ECM (Engine Control Module) turns on the Check Engine Light and goes into failsafe mode

Possible Causes:

  • Faulty Intake Air Temperature sensor

  • Intake Air Temperature sensor harness is open or shorted

  • Intake Air Temperature sensor circuit poor electrical connection

Related Parts:

  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor: Intake Air Temperature Sensor measures the temperature of air at which it is taken into the engine. This car's malfunctioning sensor will lead to engine stalling, lack of power and engine noises

Possible Solutions:

  • Check the MAP sensor connector with the key on and the engine off. There needs to be a steady 5 volt reference voltage and a very good ground

  • Do a vacuum pump voltage output test of the MAP sensor.

  • Checks the exhaust for leaks before the sensor and repairs any leaks that can cause the sensor to be affected from the leak

  • Inspect the fuel lines