• The fault code P0137 signifies an issue with the circuit controlling the oxygen sensor for Bank 1, Sensor 2. This issue may cause a decrease in the vehicle's fuel efficiency and may result in problems with emissions.

Possible Symptoms:

  • Decreased fuel efficiency

  • Illuminated check engine light

  • Rough idling or stalling

  • Failed emissions test

Possible Causes:

  • Failed oxygen sensor

  • Malfunctioning electrical connections in the circuit

  • Damaged or corroded wiring

  • Failed engine control module (ECM)

Related Parts:

  • Oxygen Sensor: This is one of the parts that fails very commonly. It measures the amount of oxygen to ensure proper combustion. Problems in the Oxygen Sensor lead to poor fuel economy

Possible Solutions:

  • Replace the oxygen sensor

  • Inspect and repair any damaged wiring or connections

  • Clean or repair any corroded electrical connections

  • Replace the engine control module (ECM) if necessary