• The fault code P0140 indicates that the circuit that controls the oxygen sensor for bank 1, sensor 2 is not detecting any activity. This may cause the engine to run poorly, produce excessive emissions, and may cause damage to the catalytic converter.

Possible Symptoms:

  • Illuminated check engine light

  • Poor engine performance

  • Reduced fuel efficiency

  • Excessive emissions

Possible Causes:

  • Failed oxygen sensor

  • Corroded or damaged wiring or connections in the circuit

  • Failed engine control module (ECM)

  • Exhaust leaks

Related Parts:

  • Oxygen Sensor: This is one of the parts that fails very commonly. It measures the amount of oxygen to ensure proper combustion. Problems in the Oxygen Sensor lead to poor fuel economy

Possible Solutions:

  • Replace the oxygen sensor

  • Check and repair any damaged wiring or connections

  • Inspect for and repair any exhaust leaks

  • Replace the engine control module (ECM) if necessary