All of your car's data
Right in your hands

Get live data

Get important data like speed, mileage, fuel economy and much more with the app.

Monitor Car’s performance

Get real time insights into how your car runs. Use this information to ensure quality service from your mechanic.

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Check Fault Codes

Check Engine Light ON? No problem! CaRPM offers you detailed information about the faults that your car has.

Track your trips

Track fuel expenses, driving habits and your car's health for each trip that you take. Use this data to make smarter decisions about your car's needs.

How it works


Purchase an OBD-II Device. You can get it here.

Fit the device in car

Find the OBD-II port under your steering wheel and plug the standard OBD-II smart device there.

Get the CaRPM app

Install the CaRPM app on your Android phone and connect to the OBD device on car using Bluetooth. And you're on the go!

OBD scanner device

CaRPM is compatible with all post-2010 car models. It also works with some older cars, so send us an email if you have an older car and we’ll tell you if we can connect you to your car.

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What our users say

"One of the best solution for cars Really loved the concept as it enables every car owner to be his own car's mechanic. User friendly app :)"
Amrit Raj
Oct '15
"A sweet first release! Tried their app by hooking it up to my ride. Gives a bunch of useful statistics, keeping you informed about the performance of the car. I'm not much of an auto geek, but this sure spikes up my interest!"
Ayush Gupta
Oct '15
"Useful app for automobile users This app keeps in touch with your engine and helps to monitor its performance with the touch on your phone."
Saikiran Maguluri
Oct '15

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